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Roku 4630X Premiere Plus surround sound

I have a Roku Premiere Plus 4630x. I can not get it to decode any surround modes on any show or movie and have verified there is nothing wrong my my Preamp or the input I am using. Does my device decode surround 5.1 or better or is that not available on the premiere plus? Any surround would be fine. I have gone into the audio settings and changed it to auto detect and have also set hdmi to auto. I also made sure the volume settings are turned off and leveling and night mode are not on. Its doesnt work while using netflix or Amazon Prime. I cant even find any content in netflix that display that it is encoded in Dolby surround 5.1 or other. Does anyone know a movie in Netflix they know for sure that has a surround track I could try?  I have tried everything can anyone help?

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