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Roku 4230X and Sharp 50Q7000U conflicts? (Black screen w/ audio)

I have a Roku 4230X (4E654L092080) and Sharp 50Q7000U. After some time on, the screen will go black. The audio can still be heard, but no picture. I need to turn the TV on and off to get the video to show again. Sometimes it will happen more than once while watching a movie/show via Roku.

I have changed the HDMI cable. I have changed the port that the Roku is connected to. I also saw some settings in the TV that allow devices to shut off TV... I disabled that.

Firmware should be latest for both devices. I am unsure which device is at fault.

  • A) Roku is the problem = Watching shows via the built-in apps on the TV does not cause any problems. i.e. when not watching via Roku

  • B) TV is the problem = I had this Roku connected to my previous TV and never had the problem.

So, can't understand if I need to replace the Roku or the TV. I read in one post that some Rokus can sync their remotes to the TV and possible a signal is coming from the Roku remote that is causing this issue. But, I think if there was such a signal, the TV would go off completely and I would not have both audio and video. However, with my problem, the audio continues to play fine.
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Re: Roku 4230X and Sharp 50Q7000U conflicts? (Black screen w/ audio)


I've replied to your other post for this issue. I'll continue to follow up there. Please avoid creating duplicate posts for the same issue per the Roku Forum Guidelines. 

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