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Roku 4230X and Sharp 50Q7000U conflicts? (Black screen w/ audio)

I have a Roku 4230X (4E654L092080) and Sharp 50Q7000U. After some time on, the screen will go black. The audio can still be heard, but no picture. I need to turn the TV on and off to get the video to show again. Sometimes it will happen more than once while watching a movie/show via Roku.

I have changed the HDMI cable. I have changed the port that the Roku is connected to. I also saw some settings in the TV that allow devices to shut off TV... I disabled that.

Firmware should be latest for both devices. I am unsure which device is at fault.

  • A) Roku is the problem = Watching shows via the built-in apps on the TV does not cause any problems. i.e. when not watching via Roku

  • B) TV is the problem = I had this Roku connected to my previous TV and never had the problem.

So, can't understand if I need to replace the Roku or the TV. I read in one post that some Rokus can sync their remotes to the TV and possible a signal is coming from the Roku remote that is causing this issue. But, I think if there was such a signal, the TV would go off completely and I would not have both audio and video. However, with my problem, the audio continues to play fine.
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Re: Roku 4230X and Sharp 50Q7000U conflicts? (Black screen w/ audio)


I've replied to your other post for this issue. I'll continue to follow up there. Please avoid creating duplicate posts for the same issue per the Roku Forum Guidelines. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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