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Roku 3800X Streaming Stick Video playback dropping (not a buffering issue though)

I have a Roku 3800x streaming stick with the latest software (9.2.0 build 4806-55).  I've had this Roko on my NEC AccuSync PV32 TV for over a year now and it has always worked perfectly fine, but a month or two ago suddenly any video I stream on the Roku blinks in and out.  Its happening on the CW app, the NBC app, and Netflix so I think it's happening on all apps for me.  The Roku home screen or menu screens however do not blink out at all...only video playback (but not in a buffering way).  I checked the Roku network test and the Roku is getting 52Mbps from my network.  I suspect some sort of Roku software update must have messed things up somehow.  I tried factory resetting the Roku and that did not help.  Tried switching HDMI ports and that did not help either.  The other devices plugged into this tv still work fine though.  I've also tried switching resolutions and that has not helped.  I saw some other postings about changing a refresh rate option in the Roku advanced menu but I don't think my model of Roku has that setting.  The odd thing is that when the picture blinks out, if I have a roku audio menu up...the audio menu does not blink even though the video playing behind it does blink.  So I'm not losing HDMI connection.  Another odd thing is that this Roku works perfectly fine in all resolutions if I plug it into my other tv which is a Samsung.  So it only has suddenly developed this problem with the NEC tv that it is normally plugged into. 

Here's a video clip showing the issue.  Notice how the Roku audio menu does not drop out while the video does drop.  Is there some sort of video digital handshake problem occurring between the Roku and this model of tv or something?

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