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Roku 3600x closing apps

I have a Roku 3600x Stick on 9.3 that closes almost every app after ~5 minutes.  Everything works fine then suddenly the apps just close and the Roku is back on the home screen.  Netflix is the only app that I use that works without issue.  Prime closes like this, Hulu, Disney+, STARZ, PLEX, YouTube, Pandora.  I have restarted the Roku, I have unplugged for 5 minutes, I have uninstalled and re-installed the apps, I have removed all the apps my family doesn’t use, I have done a factory reset, I have changed the bandwidth saver option to off, there are no updates to the system or apps available.  Not sure but it seemed to have started about 6 weeks ago.  At first I didn’t pay much attention because these devices have issues from time to time and I expected that an update was coming to fix the issue.  It started with my PLEX app.  Since then the other apps I have mentioned started to act this same way.  Any suggestions on what to do next?



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Re: Roku 3600x closing apps

I am having this same issue.  Have found no resolution anywhere.  

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