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Roku 3 - No audio on some channels


I recently bought a Roku Ultra to replace a Roku 3 (4200X) we had in our bedroom. I moved the Roku 3 downstairs to replace a Roku 2 XS we had on a TV in front of our treadmill.

Channels like Amazon Prime and Disney Plus work fine on the Roku 3 downstairs, but our HDHomeRun and Roksbox channels now have no audio. I'm not sure what audio format the HDHomerun channel uses, but Roksbox plays videos we have on a media server, which were encoded using Handbrake and mixes the audio down to Dolby Pro Logic II.

The Roku 3 is plugged directly into an old (2011) LCD TV through HDMI. When I check the audio settings on the Roku 3, it is set to Auto (Stereo). The only choices are Auto (Stereo) and Stereo. I'm guessing that is the issue, but I don't know how to resolve it.

I attached a Roku 2 XS (I have three as I've upgraded our Rokus over the years) to the TV and had the same issue - no audio, only choice was Auto (Stereo). I could tell it was not the same Roku 2 that had been on that TV, based on the channels, so I swapped in another one. That one was the one that had previously been hooked to the TV, and the audio choice on it is Auto (Dolby Digital, DTS). That in itself is very strange as they are both Roku 2 XS models.

Long story short, the audio works fine on the TV with the one specific Roku 2 XS, but it's obviously old and won't load some of our newer channels (ATT TV Now and Disney Plus). One reason I got the new Ultra was to have a Roku 3 for this TV. I've tried moving the Roku 3 back to our bedroom, and the audio choice shows Auto (Dolby Digital), but as soon as I move it back downstairs it switches over to Auto (Stereo).

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the Dolby Digital option when it's hooked up to the basement TV? Thanks for your help!

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