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Roku 3 No Video, Flashing White Light

Howdy all!

I have a 3 and it was fine last night. Today after work, I get no video on the TV. When I power cycled it, the white light came on bright, then reduced brightness and flashed 14 times and then nothing. Tried that twice. Did a hard reset and now it's the same as earlier excpet it only blinks 6 times now. The blink is a single blink, not a double blinl. Internet connection is good as the other Roku's are fine. Connection is via ethernet and I also swapped ports on the router. Any idaes?
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Re: Roku 3 No Video, Flashing White Light

Just to clarify, when you did the hard reset, did you hold the button for a minimum of 30 seconds? If not, it wasn't a clean reset. It needs to be a full 30+ seconds, regardless of what the screen shows. Also, if you have an SD card in the player, pop that out and try it again with no card in place. 
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