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Roku 3 Freezes with bitmap-like screen

I have several Roku 3's and they have all been working fine except one.  It started by freezing and turning off.  In the past, unplugging and plugging back in usually corrected problem.  Currently, it has worsened, and if the Roku turns back on it will freeze usually at the startup screen or shortly after.  The screen will give a distorted, small bitmap appearance of the current screen.  I would say the screen is similar to when the old Nintendos would freeze.  Unplugging and plugging back in sometimes gets me back, and sometimes it won't turn back on for several restarts with unlugging.  If the screen does return, it shortly thereafter freezes with the bitmap screen.  My Roku is directly connected to my router (not WiFi) and is connected to the tv via HDMI.  Thanks in advance for any help. 
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