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Roku 2XS won't display correctly on Panasonic Plasma TV

I have a Roku 2XS that worked great with my Samsung LCD TV. I replaced the Samsung with a TCL Roku TV, and moved the Roku 2XS to a Panasonic Plasma TV (Model TC-P50UT50, manufactured in December 2012). No matter what I try, the Roku displays a picture that's too wide for the TV. I've tried rebooting the Roku, resetting it to the original factory settings, updating the software, and setting it to all of the picture resolution options (1080P, 720, Auto select). Nothing works.

The picture from the cable provider is outstanding, and so is the picture from a Panasonic DVD player. I did find one comment on line that suggests I'm just out of luck (" appears your new Roku resolution is simply too advanced for the older Panasonic Plasma TV. You can try the picture size settings in the TV manual that I linked you to and see if you can gain ground there, but beyond that, there isn't a fix").

If a newer Roku would work with the older Plasma TV, I wouldn't mind replacing the 2XS, but I don't want to bother if the same problem is going to persist. So, two questions:

(1) Is there any way to get the Roku 2XS to display properly with the Plasma TV?

(2) If not, will any of the newer Roku models display properly with the Plasma TV?


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