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Roku 2XS 1080P Audio problem fixed

I found the following settings changes fixed the audio problem in our five 2XS's set to 1080P
This included resetting the screen save back to default as an example
Another poster had mentioned looking at settings in general and thanks for the suggestion
The latest firmware has "features" that the generation of these players older firmware did not have, maybe part of the problem
All sets are plugged in via HDMI

- Themes = default
- Featured = on
-Screensaver = Big City.....
- Audio = Medium, Stereo and PCM-Stereo (stereo TV's, direct plugged)
- Privacy = Limit Ad Tracking on

- USB Auto Launch = on
- USB Channel = Roku Media Player
- Control Other = 1 Touch = off

I've tested this for 2 days now before posting
Hope this helps in keeping the 2XS's alive for the immediate future
We prefer the old Netflix menu also as the preview mode now available on the Express, etc is really annoying
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Level 7

Re: Roku 2XS 1080P Audio problem fixed

Are you saying that if any one of these settings is changed your audio problem returns? Or could it be by random chance you've identified and included the one or two particular settings at issue? I'm only asking because there is a cause and effect dimension here. My 2xs has about half of the settings set as yours does with zero audio problems.
Changing any one setting to test wouldn't be difficult or take very long. Changing and testing for any two settings would really only test your endurance as you'd likely give up when you realized just how long it was going to take.
But I'm glad you've settled on a fix that works for you. Keep the 2xs alive. Don't fall for the hype. After you push "play" all the streamers are the same. After all, isn't that what you got it for?
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Level 8

Re: Roku 2XS 1080P Audio problem fixed

Yes, and and unsure as to which one / combo
The model we have is 3100X-2XS
Firmware 8.0.0 Build 4128-02
Canadian Model
Hope this helps
I'm still convinced one or more of the new features "broke" it
It's along way from build 4.X.X, simple, but worked fine
Roku should review which build worked best for older models and push them back out
I think many with older model users would be happy with the old status quo
Plus it doesn't instill confidence in what I'm reading about some of the newer models
New isn't always best for some including me
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