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Roku 2 XS lost surround sound

Hi all,


Is anyone still using a roku 2 XS?

We have been using this with no problems for years. It was connected to our stereo system via HDMI and we had  surround sound when streaming netflix.

But one day, the surround sound option simply dissapeared from netflix and I cannot seem to be able to get it back. SO i am guessing it is playoing stereo now.

Am I the only one with this problem?

is it because the device is too old? or a netflix app update?

I reseted the roku completely, made a new account, reinstalled the channel but nothing changed.

Please help!!




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Re: Roku 2 XS lost surround sound

I just started having this issue too, on my Roku 2.  I lost the sound on both Netflix and Prime video.  I found a workaround is to select a different audio option within each program I stream, but that's a pain. It works if I select one of the different "English" audio options, such as adding the enhanced audio that announces what the onscreen characters are doing. Notably, it is only doing it within some of the Roku apps, (the menu sounds are fine, which validates the rest of my audio chain is fine,) and selecting the alternative audio helps, and it's on multiple apps.


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Re: Roku 2 XS lost surround sound


The Roku 2 XS is a legacy model and wont be getting any more firmware updates (or likely any NF app updates for that matter).

If what @Roger42 suggests doesnt work, try:

1) Turning off menu sounds:  Settings/Audio/Menu Volume=off - try again

2) Manually configure audio output:  Settings/Audio/HDMI=DD+

You might also consider replacing your 2XS - I recommend the Express 4K+ (not the 4K at Walmart), dont forget to check  for upgrade offers.

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