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Roku 2 XS - Audio discovery

While trying to fix the poor sound being outputted on our 1080p sets I made a discovery with the sound on our 720p sets
Their sound was fine, so I set the Roku's 2 XS's using the 1080p sets to 720p, and voila, sound was clear again
I realize I'm flogging a dead horse about the 2XS's but we use five of them along with two others
I'm assuming the hardware has issues with the processing required now and/or using the current Netflix channel
What I also noticed is that the SONY 4K TV reports almost 7.2mbps for 1080p (apples and oranges I realize)
If I remember correctly the Roku was around 5mbps originally
This info is for anyone keeping the older hardware alive
Cheers Dave
Roku 2XS x 5, Roku XD x 1, Roku Express x 1

One expired XS in 4 years, pretty good longevity
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