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Roku 1 Amazon Prime HD Letterbox

The search doesn't work good enough to try to find a previously answered question.

I have an old  Roku 1 on my old 32" SD TV.

Most channels do a faux Letterbox for HD, I think, but some do not.
I just got Amazon Prime, and it is squishing the videos so they look really bad.
Is there something I'm missing to make it (all of them) play in faux HD? (letterbox or whatever)
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Re: Roku 1 Amazon Prime HD Letterbox

Is your Roku set to 4:3 display?

Does it do it on SD videos on Amazon? You should be able to locate a movie in SD and play it.
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Level 7

Re: Roku 1 Amazon Prime HD Letterbox

It is set to 4:3. I tried setting it to 16:9, but there was no difference.

I assume if I watch an SD video it would look "normal". Like on Xfinity cable. It shows SD "normal" and all HD faux letterbox.

And I know some Roku channels do the faux letterbox thing for HD so they look normal. (with top and bottom horizontal bars)

So maybe it is channel-based? (I know there is some programming and development involved in creating a channel for Roku)

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get support from Roku or Amazon Prime Video.
They have too many customers to realistically be able to do it.

It SUCKS that HD TVs are "SO cheap" now-days and I STILL can't afford one.
I could probably get a "tiny HD TV", but I might as well watch videos on my 22"/24" computer monitor. (which I don't like to do)
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