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Roklu Express on an LG with HDCP 1.4 -

How can I make the Roku express work on an LG TV with HDCP 1.4?  Every time it says it can't be played, and I exit, what I was trying to watch displays briefly just fine....

I tried to change to 720P, but the TV auto-detects at 1080p.  

Did I just buy the wrong Roku model?  Which one works with HDCP 1.4?  I have no need for 4K streaming. 

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Re: Roklu Express on an LG with HDCP 1.4 -

I have the same problem, first I thought it was the Roku Streaming Stick (3600 series) connected to a LG 32” TV and I swapped it with a #roku3 that i also have on another LG 40”tv, then the same error came on the #roku3 on the 32” tv, and the Roku Streaming Stick (3600 series) worked fine on the 40”tv

I’ve follow the screen instructions at least 3 time and the error persisted, so what’s the solution to this problem

Roku detects the 32”Tv has a HDCP 1.4 as well, 

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