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Re: Roklu Express on an LG with HDCP 1.4 -

Thanks for your attention RokuDanny-R,

The problem (HDCP Error Detected ...Error 020) occurs when using "Roku Media Player Version 5.5 Build 9" to play a UHD 2160p source material from my new Roku Express 4K+ to a 1080p TV. I get the same result on a 1080p TCL and a  1080p Sony TV.   This same Express 4k+ and SAME CABLE plays same content OK to  a 4k UHD LG TV.

This arrangement successfully plays lower-res 720p content fine to all TVs.

My Roku Ultra, using "Roku Media Player Version 5.5 Build 9" plays the content successfully to these 1080p TVs.   My defunct Roku 3 successfully played this content to the 1080p TVs.

The Express 4K+ seems unable to use Roku Media Player to drive a 1080p TV from UHD source material.


thanks again,




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Level 7

Re: Roku Express on an LG with HDCP 1.4 -

I've only observed this problem with Roku Express 4k+ and Roku Media player.

Other 4k content from other channels plays successfully to these 1080p TVs.


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