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Level 7

Roke SS+ : No Atmos on Disney plus

Hi All,

despite being able to get DD+ Atmos from Amazon Prime on the Roku,  I am only getting DD 5.1  on the Disney plus app.  I saw a table on Disney plus website (I think) that said Roku SS+ will provide Atmos for Disney plus. Any ideas ?. 

I am in the UK using  it with a Samsung Q9FN and Sonos arc through an ARC connection 

Many thanks, 


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Level 20

Re: Roke SS+ : No Atmos on Disney plus

1) Make sure your audio mode settings are on are on "Auto" (both HDMI and Audio mode)

2) Otherwise, try uninstalling the D+ app, ** restarting the Roku ** (must do this step), then reinstalling the D+ app.

3) As a last resort, do a factory reset of your Roku

All three of the above have been successful at enabling/restoring 5.1 and/or Atmos for D+ and other apps.

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Level 7

Re: Roke SS+ : No Atmos on Disney plus

Hi @StreamerUser ,

Thanks for the detailed response.  I have now tried all three actions with no success. Given I get DD+ Atmos from Prime Video , I don't believe it can be the cables,  TV or Sonos arc. It must be something with the Disney + app on the Roku Streaming Stick plus - maybe a UK issue.  Not sure what to try next as I only bought the Roku to get DD+ Atmos  for Disney plus. I've got the App on my Samsung TV but that only provides DD+ 5.1 .  

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