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Returning to home screen

I have a Roku Express that I've had for about 2-2 1/2 years now. A few weeks ago when watching anything on any of the apps, other than Netflix, it will cut out in the middle of whatever is being watched and then return to the home screen. I used to be able to get through about one full episode or less before this would happen but within the past few days it happens after about 3 minutes into anything. I have tried to reset the Roku from the settings menu, I have also done a "hard reset" by unplugging the actual device for 60+ seconds and plugging it back in, and I have also removed and reinstalled all the apps but the problem still persists. I'm not sure why using Netflix doesn't produce the same problem and can watch multiple episodes of an entire movie in one sitting but all other apps fail.

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Level 7

Re: Returning to home screen

@lcir23 Was this ever resolved? I’m having the exact same issue and have tried every suggestion. It’s so frustrating. It’s only Netflix that doesn’t do it for us too!

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