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Remote HELP!

My remote has stopped controlling the Roku Streaming Stick + I bought 4/10/20.  (I bought this whole new unit because the last unit I had (another Roku Stick +) only a couple of years old, stopped responding to its remote).  This new unit I just bought can be controlled via my smart phone's Roku App... but it will not pair with the remote it came with or the old remote from the previous Roku stick.  I really need the remote to work as this is for my child's room.  How do I get a warranty replacement?  I am not convinced its the remote (but someone at Roku may know better).  I tried calling support, but due to Covid19 they are not there (which I totally understand and am not upset at that fact).  I just don't want to miss my 90 day warranty.   Thanks for any help anyone. 


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