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Regarding Firmware 9.2.0 HDCP issue

I would think by now that a new update should have been provided with the fix. This is totally unacceptable. I paid hard earned money for which I don't have a lot of as a single parent. I have 2 units which are basically useless to my young kids who are upset that they can't watch what they would like. I have tried on my desktop and mobile device to reach out to Tanner to send a PM and at no time will the option come up for me to do that. This is Christmas time and I'm sure Roku wants to sell a bunch of units to the masses. This is not the way to support your customer base. I doubt I will get a response from Roku on this thread. They will probably close it without an answer. I went through the proper channels and chatted on-line with a Support Rep and created a case 2 days ago and I was told that someone would reach out to me. That has yet to happen. I'm hoping someone from Roku will read this and reach out to me. 




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Level 19

Re: Regarding Firmware 9.2.0 HDCP issue

@krb813 Thanks for the note. I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're encountering. I will reach out and have our support team follow up to continue assisting you. 




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Re: Regarding Firmware 9.2.0 HDCP issue

Wondering if your issue was fixed? Currently encountering the same problem. A new update needs to be released ASAP. My tv is barely 1 year old, barely gets any use. Here and there. Maybe an hour at a time. TCL basically told me to buy a new tv but I know this has to be a software issue. Ive seen so many threads with people with the same issue and no fix. Kind of confused as to why Roku isn’t more concerned. Considering although I’ve only had this problem for about three weeks, it seems to have been an issue for almost 3 months 

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