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Recurring HCDP error

Hi everyone - I have Roku Express connected to a Vizio. It’s 1080i HDCP 1.4.

Starting last month I’ve been getting the HCDP error about once a week. I go through the procedure, then everything is hunky dory for the next week.

It’s not a major problem, just annoying.

BTW, I also have an Android TV box (because Roku & HBOMAX nonsense) and that has no issues.

Looking at you, Roku.

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Level 7

Re: Recurring HCDP error

I have the same problem. just bought roku express and connected to samsung, 1080i HDCP 1.4

Tried troubleshooting but unsuccessful. Even tried a different HDMI cable but error 020 still appears. 
I’m already thinking of returning the product 😪

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