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Rca smart roku projector not playing movies from flash drive?

Hello, I have a rca smart roku projector (the rca projector with attached roku stick) I am not using the roku stick due to slow internet so I have some halloween movies im trying to play on halloween for a halloween party for the kids. The projector has a hdmi port for a roku drive and USB port to power the roku stick on one side and on the other side it has 2 more usb ports and another hdmi port on the other side. I put some movies (.mp4 and .mpk files) onto a flash drive and plugged it into the projector and tried to select the USB port as my source to play the movies using the "MOVIE" option and the projector doesn't respond at all to it. I tried reformatting the flash drive from exfat to FAT32 using partition manager and moving the movies onto the flash drive and it just gets stuck while trying to move the files. How can I play my movies off the flash drive on the projector? 

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Re: Rca smart roku projector not playing movies from flash drive?

Since all the Roku functionality for this projector/Roku combo was provided by the separate Roku stick, I doubt if Roku or anybody here will be able to help with this projector issue unless they also have this projector or one similar and have experience with doing this.

Have you tried to contact the manufacturer or looked up the model number online to see if you can find an instruction manual?

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