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ROku TV sound difference

Hello, new to the board and I did do a search.  Why is my sound so much different from my OTA on my ROKU TV to my apps sounds?  My OTA sound is great, loud. But when I open my apps the sound is very faint, I have to turn the volume up to about 60, whereas my OTA is great around 10-20.  Any way to fix this to get the apps sound to be just as loud as the I dont have to keep adjusting the volume from 10 all the way to 50-60 when opening any apps on the TV?  Thanks guys.
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Re: ROku TV sound difference

I also have the same problem,  when watching ID or FOX to GO on the Roku streaming stick, but when FOX and ID show their commercials the volume is almost doubled.  I have tried my TV volume balance control, that did not work, I also tried the Quiet Mode in ROKU and that did not work.  Does anybody know if there is a 3rd party hardware device that has a HDMI input and HDMI output that would keep the volume balanced.  Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
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