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ROKU Ver 9.4.0 TCL 43S515 Picture Quality and YoutubeTV problems

I bought a TCL 43S515 4K Roku TV in 2019 and use it exclusively for streaming TV, mostly YoutubeTV but also Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube.  I have been very happy with the TV up until this month.

Mostly I watch sports but my wife watches soaps off the major networks.  HD Picture quality has been excellent until this month, November 2020.  Standard 1080p HD, we don't use 4K.  Now the picture quality ranges from fair to garbage with occasional minutes of excellent.  When watching NFL the more motion in the scene the blockier blurier and less resolved the picture gets.  My wifes shows are affected too.  And it's really awful, makes the tv useless.

Also watching DVR'd YoutubeTV shows has become a problem on this TV.  Sometimes DVR'd shows won't load and the app locks up.  Sometimes it appears to have frozen, but the show has loaded as a paused black screen.  Fast forwarding and then playing will make it resume playing.

We have a Samsung smart TV in the next room, on the same network.  No YoutubeTV problems live or DVR and no picture quality problems.

I have done a factory reset of the TCL and reloaded the apps.  It worked good for 1 day and then the picture quality and YoutubeTV problems started again.  The TCL Tv says my wifi is excellent with 89Mbit speed so my internet is not the problem.

After doing some web searches I see that lots of gamers are claiming SW Version 9.4.0 which came out about 2 weeks ago is really screwing up their gaming.  Also people using both HDMI and streaming are having problems with video on their TCL Roku TVs

I checked and my TV has SW Ver 9.4.0 build 4190-30.  It appears that SW Ver 9.4.0 is a disaster and I hope Roku fixes it soon and makes my TCL TV useful again.



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