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ROKU Premier connects, but can't retain connection. Problem seems to be with Power Source.

I have 5 Vizio TVs and I set 4 of them up to ROKU Premier in the last 2 days. I've had a seamless experience with all but one. This TV appears to be having a connection issue that is stemming from the power cord connection-this is just a guess based on what is happening. The ROKU initial screen comes up-but then it goes back to the blue screen which says "no signal".  When I restart my cable box, it has no effect. When I unplug and plug in the HDMI cords, no effect. HOWEVER, when I unplug the power cord, or the connection on the remote to the power cord and reconnect-the ROKU screen comes up-but it doesn't always connect. Yesterday I got it connect and I listened to Pandora for 9 hours, no problems. Today, once again I can't get it to connect. HELP please, this is driving me nuts.


Thanks!  #ROKUPremier

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