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Purple screen, not hdcp issue

I have a brand new Roku Express. I previously had an express on this TV with no problems. When I plug it in, it goes through the regular startup process, connects to wireless and then goes to an all-purple screen. Never goes to the home screen and won't go any further. if I wait about 5 minutes it will return the startup screen, asking which language. I thought I had a bad Roku so I purchased another one and have the same problem. I've tried three different HDMI cables and I have also flipped them from end to end with multiple disconnect and connect sequences. Not sure what to do at this point

Level 7

Re: Purple screen, not hdcp issue

I'm having the exact same problem! I really hope there is an answer.

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Re: Purple screen, not hdcp issue

@kschweik @2007fsr Thanks for the notes here. A blank purple screen is another method that may be used by some TVs to indicate an HDCP error or issue negotiating your display. See more here:

Have you tried connecting your devices to a different TV to see if the same issue occurs? 




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