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Problem with audio on Roku Player

We are using a Roku Player. Recently we've experienced an issue with the Player playing the audio. When we select a program, there is no audio. We have to drill down into the Roku settings to reset the unit. Then it plays audio fine. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?

One thing we've been doing on occasion which may be a factor is we use the HDMI from the Roku to plug a laptop into the TV. When finished, we plug the HDMI back into the ROKU. Could this be a factor?


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Level 7

Re: Problem with audio on Roku Player

Yes this seems to be a common issue when I searched other forums. Mine has done this twice where it lost all sound but also randomly drops sound for a few seconds. I did a hard restart by unplugging the device for a few minutes and then restarting when it dropped sound completely and that seemed to fix the issue temporarily. I have multiple Roku devices but this seems to happen only with the roku prem that I have on the family room tv (used the most). Also have attempted updating with no success. Role needs to either push out an update to fix this or I’m moving to another company. Good luck!

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