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Premiere Overheating

Roku Premiere (3920 series) is overheating. I unplugged twice and let cool down, as the support article suggested. However, after that, it just says don’t use. I have had for less than a year. Does that mean it just doesn’t work anymore? And I need to buy a new one? 

The only other suggestion was an HDMI extender for the stick, but I don’t have the stick. 

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Re: Premiere Overheating

Definitely not a good or safe idea to use while overheating.  If you are plugged into your TV, try using the USB wall adaptor and plug directly into the wall after it cools down. (unplug unit for an hr or so)  If it overheats again, or you are already currently plugged into the wall and overheating, and it is less than a year old, may be covered under warranty for replacement.  However, if you are seeing a Message upon Roku starting up saying "Dont Use" then disregard the above suggestion and just see if qualifies for replacement.

If not under warranty,  then yes, I would just buy a new unit.  


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Re: Premiere Overheating

What should You Do, If your device is overheating -

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