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Premiere+ HDR setting not working for Onkyo TX-NR656

I am having problems with the VUDU app on my Roku Premiere+. HDR is greyed out on all titles including Warner titles. HDR works just fine on FandangoNOW app on the same Roku player. I did need to force the Roku into the 4K HDR 60 HZ setting using the secret Roku menu.

My Roku Premiere+ is set to 4K HDR 60 HZ
I have a Samsung MU8000 and color is set to UHD color
I am using an Onkyo TX-NR656 receiver and have tried switching it from Deep Color on to off and back to on again with no avail.

Nothing I have tried has worked. I will say that the VUDU app that's built into the Samsung TV plays the titles in HDR, but then I lose my receiver audio. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


I'm going to try and change my HDMI cables since they are a "few" years old. A direct connection between Roku and TV does allow HDR to work. The existing cables do say high speed on them, but they could be the problem; they were probably considered "High Speed" at the time they were made (2012) but not based off of today's standards; these are the ones I have they are 10.2 Gbps rated. After reading more, it looks like my old cables are based off of the HDMI 1.4 standard and that's why they are not working.

Ordering 18Gbps cables from Monoprice.... I'll report back if this fixes the problem.


So I changed my cables and it still didn't work. After playing around for a bit I decided to fiddle around with my receiver's settings. My receiver, the Onkyo TX-NR656, has 2 HDMI out ports listed as MAIN and SUB. I had my 4K TV on MAIN, and my 1080p projector on SUB. I decided to turn off the SUB output on the receiver and then all of the sudden, my Roku Premiere + was able to detect 4K HDR at 60 HZ on auto detect. I loaded up Vudu and the HDR logo was no longer greyed out and was in color. Finally
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Re: Premiere+ HDR setting not working for Onkyo TX-NR656

As soon as you said it worked with a direct connection, that pretty much pointed at the AVR. Cables certainly could have been an issue, but you've eliminated that possibility. Good job troubleshooting. 
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