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Power on issue

Hi everyone I'm new here, I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct section. A little while ago I went to turn on my tv and got rapid flashing horizontal lines on the left and right half of my tv. As I turned off and on it kept getting worse. After performing a reset as directed by customer service, it would be fine and run the start up like normal but crash within 2 min then start the lines flashing on boot up screen again. Now it will not even power on at all. The white led at the bottom shines extra bright when plugged in all the time no matter what I press. No effect when pressing reset or power. I have pics but cant figure out how to post them. Tha k you in advance for any tips.

Model no. 55up120
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Re: Power on issue

Hi there! 

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into!

For Roku TV related issues such as this, we'll need to get you in touch directly with your TV manufacturer for more assistance.

You can reach TCL support here:

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