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Poor audio and low volume when watching with Roku

This applies to both Amazon Prime and Netflix, although Netflix is the worst. I usually have my TV set on 20 for volume. When I'm watching through Roku I might have it as high as in the 60's to hear it, and the actual voices are still not real clear. Voices are hard to understand. I just have the Roku plugged into the TV through HDMI cable. But bottom line is I have no trouble listening to my TV unless I'm watching it through Roku. 

Is there any help for this, a setting or something?
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Re: Poor audio and low volume when watching with Roku

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you're seeing. Could you please provide some additional details so we can help take a closer look? 

- Which model of Roku device are you using when you experience this issue? (Settings>System>About - e.g. 4660X)
- Have you tried using a different HDMI cable and connecting the Roku to a different HDMI port on your TV?
- Have you tried connecting your Roku device to a different TV to see if you observe the same issue? 
- What is the make/model of TV that your Roku is connected to? 
- What is an example of a specific content title inside both 1) Amazon Prime Video and 2) Netflix that you are watching when you observe the low audio issue? 
- Does the same issue occur in other channels on your device, such as YouTube, The Roku Channel, Hulu, etc.? 

With more information, we can continue assisting from there. 

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