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Pluto TV App Stopped Working Today 7-9-20

Pluto TV worked fine last night.  As of early this morning it brings up a white line at the bottom of the screen, plays audio of the channel it is trying to connect to, then several minutes later reboots the Roku (power) without ever showing any video. 


I checked updates, Pluto installed an update (as did Hulu), then I rebooted the Roku.  Same issue.  Hulu is working fine.  So the issue was occurring both before and after the Pluto update.  I also removed the app, rebooted, then reinstalled it - still the same issue occurs. 


I am watching Pluto on their website, so it is not their programming that is causing the issue.  Luckily I also have a Chromecast, so I can still watch Pluto, but that is not the issue - the Roku playback is still not working. 


I have a Roku5000 (4230X1) so Roku will not allow me to contact their support department directly.  Can someone who has access please report this for me?  Thank you. 


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Re: Pluto TV App Stopped Working Today 7-9-20

Fixed & working again as of about 4:30 PM central time today. 

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