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Plex video playback stuttering on Roku Premier+ and Ultra LT

I've had a Roku Premier+ for a couple years and just recently bought an Ultra LT.  These are quad core based 4K capable and are both on wired gigabit LAN with Plex Media Server running on high end Windows 10 based media server.

I just recently started ripping my TV Show DVDs to the Plex server using Handbrake.  The ripping and h264 encoding process went well.

However, when I went to test the playback on my 2 Roku's via the Plex app, the video was stuttering to the point of being unwatchable.  These are basic 480p 4:3 aspect ratio TV Show episodes with Handbrake settings to change aspect to 16:9.

Upon checking the Plex forums, I discovered the only way to stop the stuttering was to disable the Direct Play and Direct Stream settings within the Roku Plex app.

However, I believe this is only a workaround and not a permanent resolution to the problem.  Why?  Because, the exact same videos when played on Plex Media Player on my PC or Plex app on my Android phone, exhibit no stuttering without needing to change the Direct Play/Stream settings.

Changing these settings defeats the purpose of why I encoded the MP4 based episodes as h264 so my Plex server would not need to transcode the playback.

I respectively request the Roku Plex app team to research and resolve this issue as it has been around for some time now.

I would be happy to upload a sample as well as Plex and Roku versions and settings to assist with troubleshooting.

Thanks...Bob Baldwin

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Re: Plex video playback stuttering on Roku Premier+ and Ultra LT

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