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Level 8

Please stop “updating” your OS. Every time you do it gets worse

Every single time you people roll out an update it ****ing breaks some portion of the platform.  I’ve had the r625 now for quite some time and without fail every single update makes part of it break for months before you get around to fixing it.  Your HDR functionality doesn’t work worth a **bleep** now.  Once you back out of an HDR source it reverts to a washed out SDR picture thanks to it somehow managing to map HDR settings on top of the SDR.  You can’t adjist it, you can’t do anything other than restart the whole thing.  I can’t resume any HDR games on my xbox thanks to this. What is the point of having resume when I have to restart the entire game to play it?

I’m sick of this ****

if I could excise your garbage code from this otherwise great TV, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Your OS is a gigantic anchor around the neck of this TV.