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Please help! Issues with Roku, not finding answers

Hi, hopefully someone can help me figure out this issue. I have a Sony television that is about a decade old. It is been working fine with my Roku express since May. This morning I turned it on to do my work out and the screen look like it had been zoomed in and when I tried to look at the input it wasn’t showing up any longer and input bar. So I unplugged it and I tried to reset it and a matter what I do I can’t get the screen to zoom out and it’s no longer showing Roku and input but if I go to one of the HDMI channels it then we’ll go to the Roku it is all zoom in. The other issue is I can’t get anything to play I can’t change anything to try and look at setting and then after a couple of minutes to television just goes fuzzy like with static but with the Roku colors and zigzag pattern. I tried calling raku to no avail who told me to go online after I’ve already google searched and looked at read it and I can’t find an answer to this specific issue. I am not looking to upgrade my Roku but I would like to get it to work considering it’s only about six months old. If anyone could help me out with this issue that would be fabulous and I would be grateful because I’m extremely frustrated right now with the lack of customer support and service from Roku itself. What a crock! Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction to figuring out this issue.