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Playback constantly buffering while having “excellent” connection and good download speed

We purchased a Roku Express (3900 series)   approximately 6 months ago and until recently have been super happy. We have YouTube Tv as a streaming provider. Recently we noticed that the playback is having an issue during the weekends only. It is constantly buffering, pausing, and when it starts again it’s grainy for a good few minutes, plays for les than 2-3 minutes and the back to pausing. We have tested the connection on the roku and on other devices and it comes back as an excellent connection with a good download speed. We have gotten a different tv provider (Hulu live) and it has the same issues. We have tested both providers on the Xbox one we have and they work seamlessly. Why won’t my roku work on the weekends/during sporting events? We are big fans of sports and this is just isn’t cutting it.

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