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Play content downloaded to phone on TV via Roku Stick

We are rural, the only internet option is satellite and cell signal is weak. Streaming is impossible at home, latency, buffering, and that is on a sunny day, most of the time it just isn’t able. I can download Netflix and Disney+ shows and movies to my phone while in town on WiFi, but when I get home I can’t cast those downloads to the TV, Roku Stick, or via lightning-to-HDMI cable. Those options only work if I stream straight from the internet.  I can only watch the downloaded content on my phone’s screen.  Is there some way to play back downloaded content on our TV so the whole family can watch?  

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Re: Play content downloaded to phone on TV via Roku Stick

Many Android phones and tablets can mirror their screens and audio to current model Rokus.  I don't know how many Roku models back this capability goes. 

Recently Roku added Apply Airplay2 capabilities which permit supported iPhones and iPads to cast video to recent model Rokus.

But as you've found, some (most? all?) of these downloaded videos may be coded to only allow viewing on the devices they to which they were downloaded.  Mirroring/casting is only permitted when being streamed, not when stored locally.

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