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Picture randomly ZOOMS in

This has been happening quite frequently lately, mostly on Hulu & mostly as others have said after an ad break. And about 1/2 the time it can be fixed with a power shut down but the other 1/2 its like tonight nothing works.

It's definitely NOT the TV! It IS the Roku & what really sucks is the fact the sometimes unplugging works but the times it doesn't it's so frustrating. I go through & try EVERYYHING; the over scan, the aspect ratio, restart again (that's how I know it's not the TV).

So my question is this. Can Roku send out an update to fix this or are we all just doomed to watching 1/2 of peoples faces and the under side of horses in battle scenes (ala Game of Thrones--that was fun.) and more to the point will Roku send out an update?
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Re: Picture randomly ZOOMS in

My Roku Ultra was doing that after I first set it up months ago, but it stopped doing that. When I first set it up, I set Display type (Settings > Display type) to 720p and then a little bit later, I set it to Auto detect which gave me 1080i resolution (I have a Sharp TV purchased in 2008) - I know yours is probably newer. Maybe you could try choosing "Auto detect" in Display type settings to see if that would make a difference or change it to another resolution then back to the resolution you had it at. What Roku do you have and what Software version do you have? - Settings > System > About
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