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PC still sending signal to TV afters the TV is powered off

after I power off the TV, the PC should switch to the monitor upstairs automatically, but it does not because it's still sending a signal to a TV that's off. I'm guessing this is a low power state for a quick resume or a very aggressive CEC intake. iv had many TV plugged into this setup, and they all turn off when I turn them off. I tried disabling any feature that would cause the device to still have some activity when off, did not work. in fact, disabling CEC, and mobile app control did nothing, which is a HUGE security issue all on its own. with that disabled I was still able to power the TV on with my phone and ps4. and worse, when I power my receiver on to listen to music, my TV also powers on even with CEC turned off. knowing a bit about software and hardware this 1 of 2 things. the software has no control of the hardware in this way, or the software is just bad. maybe install a setting to completely power the device off that not on by default?

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