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Out of Sync Audio / Audio Issues

Picked up a Roku Ultra at the beginning of September, specifically to solve for the fact that our favorite show had been removed from Netflix. We had MKV Bluray rips of the entire series so, we upgraded from our old Roku to the Ultra, as it had the capability to pop our USB stick in to watch. We use the built in Roku Media Player, frankly because it seems silly to pay for an app otherwise.

The first few weeks of watching our show was fine. We made it through the first 6 seasons without issue. Then we started to notice an odd issue with the audio being out of sync. The mouths of the people talking would move just slightly before the audio. We dealt with it through the end of the series, but when we got back to Season 1, Episode 1, we had no audio accept for the laugh track. Very strange. This was the case for every episode in Season 1 and 2 (note we had watched these before and didn't change a thing). Pushed forward to Season 3 and, while the audio was back, it remains out of sync.

I tried popping the USB stick out, rebooting the Roku, changing the settings I had available to mess with... nothing has resolved the issue. I'd say its some sort of codec issue but, again, we made it through tons of episodes without issue. 

Any thoughts? I suppose it could still be a codec problem but, again, odd that it started out of nowhere. Would love any thoughts folks have though. Thanks!

What VLC shows audio codec information as:

MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)

AAC extension: SBR

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Re: Out of Sync Audio / Audio Issues

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