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Level 7

Only Spanish Radio Station Playing

Hello.  Turned on Sony XBR late yesterday afternoon only to hear a Spanish radio station playing, no matter which Sling TV or Roku station we chose.  Even playing a disc we only hear the Spanish station. 

All menus and sub menus show "English" as the chosen language.  I reset to English just in case of a glitch.  Then, reset the Roku devise, to no avail.  Updated TV software to no avail.  Sony TV support couldn't resolve the issue, only other suggestion the rep had was to restore factory settings on the TV. 

We use a Bose 700 sound bar if that helps.  Anyway, could this be a Roku glitch?  Thank you in advance.

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Level 17

Re: Only Spanish Radio Station Playing

I don't see how anything on a Roku could affect a disc.

To me, the most likely candidate is the sound bar, since the website for it says you can use it to "Take control of your listening experience" and it sounds like that has happened.

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