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Older Samsung tv audio port has no Roku

I just installed a Roku Streambar to an older Samsung TV that doesn’t have ARC. I connected the HDMI cable to the regular HDMI port and connected the optical cable to optical ports. Everything works great except the audio out port on the back of the TV doesn’t have the Roku audio. I use the port to send audio to a Bluetooth transmitter for my hearing aids. Smart TV audio and audio from other devices plugged into other HDMI ports work fine. Just no Roku audio out that port. Since there’s not an audio out on the Streambar, I can’t transmit Roku to my Bluetooth transmitter. Any suggestions?

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Re: Older Samsung tv audio port has no Roku


Did you ever get this to work ? I am having the same problem with a 2010 Samsung TV without ARC. No audio from the Roku when hooked up with an optical cable to a soundbar


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