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Not being able to start another episode by searching for it

I have Two rokus, one in my bedroom and one in the living room. We jump between them throughout the day and watch the same thing. Married at First sight on the Lifetime app. We would start an episode in the living room (let’s say season 6 episode 3, and get to episode 6) then when we go to bed we get on in our bedroom and try to get to episode 7 but every time we search for Married at First Sight and click it, it sends us back to the roku home page. We have had to click on the one that we previously watched and fast forward to get to the next episode which takes a while because of ads and multiple episodes needing to be skipped. 
Does anybody know how to fix this problem? 

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Level 7

Re: Not being able to start another episode by searching for it

I’m having the same issue. When hovering over the show icon in the Lifetime app, I see a blank area where there should be the listed number of episodes for the show (but switching to any other show shows XX episodes). 

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