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Level 7

No sound

I just got the Roku Express.  But on several occasions, there has been no sound when I started shows on Netflix (have not tried other services yet).  The solution I have used so far has been to exit the show and come back again right away (without exiting Netflix).  While this is a quick fix, it is annoying to do every time.  Any suggestions for other permanent fixes?

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Level 9

Re: No sound

Ever since the update I got on Dec 9th (9.4.0 (build 4200-AE) I have had loss of sound pretty much every time I use it. A reboot of the device will fix it until the next time. I do have sound effects initially, so it's not like it is not putting out any sound. But as soon as i go into Netflix or whatever, no sound until I reboot. Never had a problem until this last update. 

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