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Level 7

No sound

My Roku remote is working my TV power, and volume control , but I have no sounds?? Help, it's hooked up to the TV with HDMI cable, I have tried everything. Any idea why I don't have sound?
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Level 11

Re: No sound

More information needed. How is it all connected? Is there a stereo amplifier involved? Just the tv and roku? Hdmi cable or ????
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Level 7

Re: No sound

The audio for my Roku4 - 4400X is set up up using the optical to the AVR. Video direct via HDMI to the screen. No sound via optical after the Dec 13th system update to version 9.0.0 Build 4084-17. Because the audio is set up to auto detect, I had to disconnect the optical cable in order for sound to get sent to the tv. Sad thing is the TV sound is no comparison to surround AVR. Unfortunate results on the update. Let's hope Roku learns the good and bad results from their decisions. The reduced testing before a release might be a step they might not want to skip next time. Cheers.
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