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Level 8

No sound thru Roku Bluetooth speakerss when mirroring

Using a surface pro x with usb-c to hdmi connected to tcl roku tv with roku bluetooth speakers - no sound from speakers, just laptop sound. So far, info from the MS end always shows options not seen on the sp-X. The picture is great, but would prefer sound from speakers rather than laptop. If I use wireless mirroring the speakers work, but always lag a few seconds (enough to make it really annoying). It then starts to slow way, way down until everything stops - that’s why I purchased the USB-C adapter.

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Level 13

Re: No sound thru Roku Bluetooth speakerss when mirroring

I'd guess your problem is with the usb-c->hdmi adapter or the windows settings to send audio to the hdmi (if those were correct you shouldn't have sound from the laptop).

But, in most cases you'd be better off getting the roku to play the content directly.  If you have files on the laptop you could use plex or the dlna service to give the roku access.   If you are watching Peacock or HBO Max, you'd be out of luck, though.

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