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No picture

My screen is black when I turn on my roku. I have unplugged it several times and even tried reseting it and still no luck. When I unplug it and plug it back in the roku picture acts like if its loading then after a fee seconds the screen goes black. Does any one have any solutions. 

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Re: No picture

Not sure what youre seeing.

Are you sure you have the Source or input set to the right HDMI port?

If you switch the Input or source does it work ok?

Sometimes the HDMI cables go bad simply by crimping them.

If you unplug the Roku does it change what you are seeing?

Which Roku do you have?

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Level 7

Re: No picture

Did you ever get this resolved because I am having the same issue and can't get it to work. Going on a week with no tv..

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Level 7

Re: No picture

My screen is the  same black, can hear the button mashed but nothing happens. Is their a solution. Don't want to pay for a blank screen, Roku device is only 4 mo. old.

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Level 7

No picture is showing up in TV

I have tried everything it won t show up on my screen it says weak or no signal.

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Re: No picture is showing up in TV

@Tracywright1981, "weak or no signal"?  I can understand "no signal", but "weak" implies you don't have your TV set to the proper HDMI input.  "No signal" could mean the same thing or it could mean there's something wrong with your Roku.  Ensure your TV's input or source is set properly.

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