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No image on my pc monitor Dell 24'' S2417DG


When I pluggin my Roku Express 2017 into my pc monitor Dell 24'' S2417DG  (2560 x 1440). I get no image under HDMI input. It's all black. I know the issue is not the device. The device work on my older 1080p pc monitor and on my Samsung tv both plugged the same way with the same cables.

I tried to set my monitor into 1080p and 60hz and no luck.

Why it dosnt work? Would it work with roku device like a stick or more recent device?

Dell also make a 27'' version of this monitor if any of you have the same issue: S2716DGR


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Level 18

Re: No image on my pc monitor Dell 24'' S2417DG

From Dell;

Turn the monitor off
* Disconnect the monitor power cable from the rear/bottom of the monitor
* If a mechanical monitor power button, press the button in for 30 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable to the monitor. The other end should be plugged directly into the wall socket. No UPS or surge protector
* Reconnect the video cable and retest

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 8

Re: No image on my pc monitor Dell 24'' S2417DG

I tried all you listed. No luck. From what I have read online this seems to be a HDCP issue. 

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