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No display on OLD Roku 2500x v001. Flashing/ blinking white LED light

No display on old Roku 2500x, constant flashing light I was given a Roku 2500x and it’s power adapter. It didn’t come with a remote or AV cables. I plugged it into my TV using a trusted HDMI cable (that is currently working with other devices) and I got no picture on the TV. The only thing I could see is a CONSTANT flashing light (not double blinking). I initially thought it was because I didn’t have a remote or AV cables so I bought a (well reviewed) fake remote, and standard AV cables. I tried plugging in the Roku with the AV cables and I still didn’t get a picture. I did the 30 second reset while plugged into AV, then HDMI, still no picture. I’m certain the power adapter is the one that came with the Roku. The Roku itself hasn’t been used in some time (idk how long, at least a year). I’m very let down because I bought a remote that I can’t return. Is there any reason it would be flashing? Again it’s a constant flash, not a double blink. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the OLD Roku HD. V001 2500x (No direct Ethernet port) using an OLD (but still working) Sanyo TV with working AV and HDMI inputs. Thank you for any responses and sorry for being so over descriptive. ADDITIONAL INFO: I have never been in possession of this device while it was working properly. It has never been connected to my WiFi and there’s no way I could know the previous owners WiFi config. (Although this shouldn’t matter because I hard reset it). I honestly and truly do not consider this a WIFI or Internet connectivity problem. 

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Re: No display on OLD Roku 2500x v001. Flashing/ blinking white LED light

It doesn't sound like you know much about the 2500's past history.  In its prior life was it protected by surge protection or was it subjected to potential electronic-damaging line surges?   A major spike can bring electronics to their knees - either immediate failure or less than fatal damage that may not be evident until some incident in the future overstresses the circuits. 

Sorry, I'm not up on the meaning of the light signals. With nothing visible reaching the tv maybe the HDMI port is fried.  You might try blowing out the port to be sure it isn't crudded up with dust preventing electrical contact.

The 2500 is a second generation Roku, introduced 8 years ago.  Current models are 8th generation with much advanced hardware.  Even if you can get it working there are an increasing number of channels that won't run on it because they require the enhanced capabilities of more recent models.

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