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No Video on one specific TV (and no answers) HELP!

I have had Roku 3 for a few years and it has worked great, then about 2 months ago it stopped working. I tried it on another TV in the house (older one) and it did not work so I figured it was just done and I went a bought an Ultra. When I hooked up the Ultra it worked great for 2 days, then the video stopped showing up. I can still here it clicking through the menus but no video. I tried it on two other TV's (older) and it works fine without issue. 

So here is the set up, Roku Ultra > Yamaha RX-v381 > Samsung un55ju6400 

I have tried different ports, straight to the TV, and different HDMI cables straight to the TV and all yield the same results which is it shows the Roku start up screen and then it goes black and eventually the TV says there is no signal, however I can still here the clicking of the menus.  I also have a direct tv box that goes into the RX-V381 and that works fine. 

Have scoured forums and spoken with tech people and no-one seems to have an answer. Any help would greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!!
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