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Level 8

No Streambar sound for tv channels?

I am enjoying the Streambar but I cannot get my tv channels audio through the Streambar.  I have to change to tv speakers to get sound.  I expected the Streambar to also send sound from my tv channels.  What can I do to fix this issue?  Thanks you!

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Level 9

Re: No Streambar sound for tv channels?

Hello. How is the Streambar connected  to your TV? If you have HDMI-ARC on your TV, use that port to run the HDMI cable to Streambar and you should be set. Do you have HDMI-ARC on your TV?

Level 7

Re: No Streambar sound for tv channels?

I have the same issue. My TV does not have an hdmi arc so it’s linked with a HDMI and optical cable. The sound is great for op steaming channels but it reverts the the usual tv speakers for standard tv channels. Any ideas would be gratefully received. 


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